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Impromptu Zoom Meeting

Allergies and weather in Colorado @ 0:00 Alonzo and Norm discussed the warm weather in Erie, Colorado bringing out allergies. Norm noted it was unusual warmth this time of year. Norm's career experience in software development @ 3:20 Norm detailed over 30 years of software experience including creating one of the first television editing systems. He discussed various roles from owning companies to recent US Space Force work. Requirements for Norm's next opportunity @ 6:15 Norm sought making a difference through problem-solving. Strong communication and a tight team through daily stand-ups and code reviews were important. He also valued autonomy with supportive management. Norm's experience leading teams and mentoring @ 8:20 Norm had led teams of six as both a director and programmer. While not certified as a scrum master, he enjoyed informal mentoring and sharing his extensive experience. Norm's availability for interviews @ 9:48 Norm was ready to interview, seeking front-end work matching his design skills. He was available next week for potential clients.

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